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Are experienced in all areas of Investigation Services & Support and are highly sought after due to their expertise and elite training. Their varied backgrounds include, and not limited to, Police Surveillance and Intelligence Operatives, Investigators, Customs, Government, Banking and Corporate fraud investigators. This ensures a broad range of skills and investigation approaches are available to clients in the Criminal, Civil and Family court systems.

Accurate and timely documentation is a key component for any investigation. Our investigators are well rounded and have excellent report, statement and brief preparation skills.

Our surveillance operations are professionally co-ordinated using lawful practices and state-of-the-art covert equipment that adapts to any environment to record the subject’s activity.

Our highest priority is Customer Service and we do all that we can to ensure your needs are met. Our Senior Investigators meet with clients to assess their needs and create a progress plan to ensure they are aware of the progress of the investigation.

AISM always operates within the legal scope of relevant industries to ensure compliance and admissibility of evidence gathered.