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Licensed Premises & Venues

AISM has extensive experience in the Security and Compliance needs of:

AISM Security Management attends Industry related meetings and provides interpretation of legislation to ensure AISM and clients are implementing changes and remaining compliant. The interpretation of the Legislative requirements coupled with the pro-active and appropriate implementation of Practices, Policies & Procedures ensures a safe environment.

AISM has been instrumental in assisting venues down-grade their status within the schedule 4 categorisation through auditing and analysing enforcement documents and identifying discrepancies.

AISM creates and implements pro-active operational strategies to meet the ever changing Security environment and legislation. This has proven an effective method of minimising the potential ramifications through the introduction of the New South Wales 3 Strikes Legislation.

AISM further focuses on best practices as set by OLGR and has been instrumental in applying ‘Zones’ and multi-tiered approach to RSA Policy enforcement with our Licensed clients.