Workshop Topics

Crime Prevention Workshops include

Fraud Prevention and Identification

The identification of fraud and crime can be very confusing and distressing. This workshop is a vital tool in the prevention of fraud within your business and will provide many preventative measures that can protect your business and assets from crime. It also provides tools to identify suspicious behaviour which may result in crime identification.

Armed Robbery Prevention

A workshop that provides vital pro-active strategies on preventing an Armed Robbery occurring. It focuses on trends, security systems, premises design and cash handling tips. It includes reactive procedures if an armed robbery does occur.

Loss Prevention

Our workshop focuses on tricks, scams and methods of theft used by thieves. It covers responses to theft, methodology, surveillance and detection. It details apprehension, interviewing and report writing and closes with detailed preventative strategies.

Crime Scene Preservation

A workshop designed to equip individuals with the skills to protect crime evidence from contamination. Identifying and preserving reliable evidence is the priority of crime scene preservation training.

Emergency Management & Procedures

A vital organisational document which includes site lay-outs, emergency management plans, fire drills, Management profiles, contacts etc. This workshop includes a face to face component, a practical lesson on fire extinguishers and a detailed manual for on-site reference.

Service Industry Related Workshops include

Customer Service

Companies seeking a competitive advantage are those recognising the importance of professional training to change their employees from "Customer Service Providers" to "Customer focused Ambassadors". Customers have choices and high expectations for service and we will give you the advantage with our relevant unique Customer Service workshop.


A great workshop to improve the productivity of your organisation by building on your staff's skills to make them better organisers, communicators, problem solvers, and therefore better Managers and Leaders. You will achieve instant results with long-term benefits for your organisation.

Negotiation skills

A workshop focussing on the knowledge and skills required for successful negotiations. This workshop includes the meaning, content & process of negotiations, what is involved and how it is done. The workshop involves learning the key elements of the negotiation process and the skills to conduct negotiations.

Assertive Communication

Our Assertive Communication workshop is designed to build, strengthen and improve your communication skills and reduce stress. We teach polite assertive skills to prevent excessive requests, avoid overloading your schedule and promote balance. Positive assertive communication can reduce difficult situations in the workplace and promote productivity and higher morale.

Team building activities

Our unique Team building approach includes a short theory base on the Team Spirit and then great Team building games to underline the learning outcomes of your next conference. Your employees discover how team dynamics contribute to their workplace, personal development, trust and teamwork. Our diverse selection of activities is unique to your learning goals, group size and company environment.

Conflict management

Our workshops are designed to provide your staff with the skills and ability to effectively deal with customers, patrons and peers who exhibit difficult behaviour. The failure to handle conflict in the workplace can cause low morale, poor performance, reduced productivity and stress. Failure to handle conflict with customers and patrons can have detrimental effects on your business with a loss of customers and profit. Our specialised workshops help your staff build confidence, identify and defuse conflict, restore customer confidence and regain customer good-will.

Induction Workshops

Inductions are an essential training tool for any business. The induction period of a new employee is vital for this workshop. This is when they learn about their new job and peers, they absorb the culture and ethics of the business and begin to form judgements about what is acceptable in the workplace. Our induction workshops are relevant and informal and work towards participants retaining the information.

Workplace Policies & Procedures

Written uniquely for your workplace to reinforce and clarify your Standard Operating Procedures and Policies. When employees are informed of workplace policies it helps employers manage staff more effectively as everyone is aware of acceptable behaviour and implications.

Cultural Awareness

A wonderful workshop to increase your customer service skills. Our workshops are custom-made to suit the environment in which your staff work. The workshop high-lights the culture, traditions, geography, language of your patrons or visitors. It's a fun workshop which incorporates traditional foods and drinks from the culture being viewed.

Practical Workshops include

Minimisation of Force

An essential workshop for anyone in the field of Security where physical restraint maybe required. Our expert International trainers will demonstrate and teach skills and techniques which can often avoid physical contact. If confronted by physical threats, our minimisation techniques are designed to prevent injuries and accusations of 'Excessive Force' for all involved..

Self Defence

A workshop which teaches you how to recognise and avoid dangerous situations. We explain and demonstrate how to set verbal and physical boundaries, and the use of assertive confrontational skills. The group participates in the physical demonstration of strikes and target areas if under physical attack.