Committed to creating a sustainable workplace

AISM is serious about building a business that offers an inspiring, enjoyable and environmentally responsible environment.

While security and legal investigations are traditionally paper-intensive industries, we have invested in a drive to go largely paperless. For example, across the business we have adopted a digital incident register and electronic compliance platform to replace the bulk of our traditional paperwork.

In just the last two years, we have generated 45,000+ digital incidents using this system. In contrast, we estimate that using a standard printed register would have resulted in the use of more than a pallet stacked with A4 paper. The system also manages 11,000+ compliance documents, ranging from user documentation, certifications and qualifications to venue and security firm documents and certifications.

In 2017, AISM partnered with PrintReleaf, an organisation that automates the process of offsetting paper use by funding global reforestation projects. As of mid 2020, we’d offset the equivalent of 69,882 pieces of paper, reforesting 8.39 standard trees so far.

Nurtured by our team, the herb and produce garden at our headquarters is also starting to bear fruit!