Training & Systems

Empower our people with education and tools

To keep our staff motivated and up-to-date, as well as provide a long-term career progression, we are committed to running regular training sessions and supplying the technology needed to succeed.

Both during new staff intakes as well as quarterly sessions, we provide training that covers:

In recent years, we have also fully embraced technology across all areas of the business from finance and administration to compliance management, digital incident registers, research and surveillance.

With many of our team operating on the road and outside the office, having real-time reports and tools accessible via mobile devices is essential for capturing incidents, recording activity and documenting evidence.

This enables rapid responses to urgent issues. For example if an incident happens overnight, we can be straight onto it collecting data, bodycam footage, reports and statements to make fast, informed decisions.

It also lets us deliver accurate and timely activity reporting dashboards including trend analysis, team performance, persistent issues and compliance documentation. Reminders and escalations can be quickly set up against expiring certifications and sent to the users and their managers/clients for prompt action.