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October 20, 2021

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AISM Neuro™ COVID-19 Pandemic Challenge

As we all look forward to the reopening of NSW in the coming weeks and the lifting of restrictions it’s important, we continue to be COVID-19 Safe and follow the NSW Government health orders.

The NSW Health guidance on the following areas must be in place as part of the re- opening. The following must be managed within all entertainment & venues;

  • Physical Distancing
  • Square Metres Rules
  • Record Keeping

Introducing the AISM Suite AI enabled Facial Recognition solutions for the entertainment & venues industry, which can assist in the management of these mandatory health orders.

AISM Neuro is an advanced facial recognition system that provides industry-leading accuracy in crowds and challenging environments.

AISM Neuro™ face detection and recognition persists in almost complete darkness (1 lumen), extreme angles, moving crowds, low quality images and partially covered faces.

AISM Neuro™ easily integrates with existing camera infrastructure, equipping security professionals with a powerful real-time and forensic solution to rapidly pinpoint persons of interest, stop immediate threats and ensure maximum safety.

AISM Neuro™ in a COVID-19 World

We are living in unprecedented times with new social norms and challenges. As face masks become ubiquitous, novel solutions are required to uphold safety and security standards. AISM Neuro™ addresses these unique COVID-19 challenges with solutions for contact-free access control (without the need to remove masks or PPE), monitoring the use of face masks to enforce safety guidelines, and contact tracing to safeguard workplaces and prevent the spread of infection.

Reduce Exposure to COVID-19 with AISM Neuro™

  • Determine whether a person is wearing a mask and if properly
  • Detect social distancing violations
  • Detect quarantine violators
  • Determines contact cases

Privacy By Design

Moreover, AISM Neuro™ signature-based technology enables face recognition without the need to store sensitive data such as facial images. Balancing privacy with innovation, AISM Neuro™ provides the tools for an operational facial recognition system in compliance with regional privacy policy restrictions. All faces are converted into state-of-the-art digital signature technology which are secure at protecting privacy and allow for automatic blurring of non-targeted faces.

AISM Neuro™ key benefits

Unmatched Accuracy

Benchmarked by top performance in NIST wild test and Department of Homeland Security with a significant advantage of main market leaders

Lightning Speed

Process hundreds of cameras in parallel and get custom alerts instantly. Live camera face matching of 1 million records in 200 milliseconds.

Resilience to Extreme Conditions

Overcome problematic lighting conditions, distance, face coverings (50% of face exposed), blurry images from motion, outdated images and angle of view


Easily scale for large size watchlist databases, hundreds of cameras and millions of appearances. The system architecture is built to support customer growth


Plug and play with existing cameras and interoperability with security systems, access control systems (ACS) and specialized 3rd party software


GDPR compliant technology as a processor providing the end user the tools to deploy safe and ethical solutions.


Operate the system via a Linux, Windows, or Mac machine (server must be linux)

AISM Neuro™ Patron Alert

Alarming & Notification services, Txt messaging and notification based on various events e.g., Gaming self-exclusion, whitelisting or blacklisting.


Edge computing on lightweight, resource-constrained devices to enable real-time and offline ability to respond.

AISM Neuro™ is Powered by Corsight Autonomous AI

Corsight AI is the first company to apply Autonomous AI® technology which mimics the way humans learn and recognize faces. Autonomous AI is a unique technology that is the result of 15 years of neuroscience research and over 250 patents.

The AISM Neuro™ system is compliant with the UK  data privacy requirements (GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, etc.) and the images cannot be reconstructed from the data.

AISM is independent and privately-owned business since 2008, AISM has protected Australians with world class security and legal support, including a suite of technological protection from video surveillance CCTV systems to facial recognition and cybersecurity.

To learn more about how we can assist, give us a call on 1300 988 997, email or visit and arrange a demonstration.

Peter Mercouris
AISM Founder

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