Legal Investigations

Legal investigations and support across Australia

Legal investigations are highly complex, with a web of regulations, compliance and dead ends. With a track record for over a decade delivering results for legal practitioners, our professional support team is analytical, methodical and scrupulous.

From groundwork like surveillance, field calls and skip tracing, through to examination hearings, court filing, process serving, court briefings and factual investigations, we have in-depth experience across all aspects of the criminal, civil and family court systems.

AISM investigators are recruited for their specialised skills and experience. Our sought after team is made up of diverse backgrounds including police surveillance, intelligence operatives, corporate fraud, security and experienced investigators across customs, government and finance.

Working as a trusted partner, we take instruction from private solicitors and major law firms to deliver carefully documented and researched evidence. Without fail, we operate within all the legal frameworks to ensure compliance and admissibility of evidence.

The team is supported by elite training, leadership and technology tools, with access to the latest lawful covert electronic surveillance and information gathering equipment to capture evidence.

Legal Investigation Services

Over a decade delivering results for legal practitioners

All our investigations start with a detailed briefing and strategy plan, plus transparent reporting and progress updates to ensure we meet your needs.


Our professional surveillance team can help you provide solid documentation and supporting testimony suitable for court presentation. Our expertise includes theft, fraud, workers compensation, verification of whereabouts, injury claims and family law.

Legal Investigations & Supports

Under your instruction, we assist with fact finding, research, sourcing experts, digging up missing evidence, identifying legal defences, finding precedents and analysing briefs of evidence for court. We specialise in analysing police, witness, victim, and offender statements, handwriting and DNA.

Family Law

From divorce, infidelity and child custody, to hidden asset location and financial settlements, our discreet and professional investigators can help resolve family issues. We understand these matters are complex, private and emotional and work as a trusted partner.

Corporate Fraud & Theft

Our elite team of fraud investigators specialise in paper trail analysis, risk management, fraud detection, cyber crime, corruption, identity theft and organised crime. From covert operations to catch perpetrators and overt strategies to deter crime, we can help keep your business and assets safe.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

To prevent sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, our expert technicians can secure your office and boardroom using military-grade software to detect and eliminate digital vulnerabilities and electronic eavesdropping devices like microphones or cameras.

Insurance & Workers Compensation

Spanning burglaries, fire, motor vehicle theft accidents, conflict, bullying and injury insurance claims, we have proven results validating legitimate claims, determining responsible parties and reducing financial loss due to fraud, through fact-finding investigations and brief of evidence preparation.

Examination Hearings & Court Filing

Covering all jurisdictions and courts, AISM’s court filing service saves you valuable time. Our experienced team is trained to act as your agent at Examination Hearings on your behalf, and you can instruct AISM in the service of Examination Orders and to attend hearings.

Process Servers

With a network of professionals across Australia, and internationally, we are experienced in the correct and fast service of legal documents such as subpoenas and statements of claim. As needed we’ll record observations, notes, statements and photographic evidence which we can be vital in court proceedings.

Skip Tracing

AISM specialise in skip tracing investigations to locate debtors and witnesses across Australia and overseas. Our trained staff armed with advanced technologies and private databases exhausts all available avenues to locate and serve people who are attempting to avoid the legal process and service of documents.

Field Calls & Interviews

Our team of experienced investigators/field agents are trained in conducting interviews, and gathering relevant and accurate information. This allows our clients to assess their position and provides them with a solid base to make an informed decision.

Private Investigators

With backgrounds in police surveillance, intelligence operatives and corporate fraud, our diverse team of  private investigators have expertise spanning family law, workers compensation, missing persons and loss prevention. This means we can prepare an investigation to meet your needs.

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