A safe pair of hands when the stakes are high

In an industry with real risks and serious consequences for errors, AISM stands out as a trusted partner. From rigorous recruitment processes to leading digital systems, we offer quality service, proven results, lower risks and value for money.

From crowd control at The Mercantile Hotel on St Patrick’s Day and security for the historic Moss Vale Show (since 1866), to COVID-safe club entry, VIP protection for international acts like Pink and security consulting to the Dubai Government, AISM has well over a decade of experience across all aspects of security services.

While our primary role is to equip you with proactive strategies, people and processes to ensure compliance and minimise risk exposure, we’re also here for you if incidents happen. Our unique expertise across legal investigations and compliance means we can represent you in hearings, prepare evidence, detail your response and offer calm, expert advice.

All AISM security professionals are selected for their professional attitude, experience and communications skills, and are highly trained to be across the latest regulations and security techniques. Cool heads and expertise are what’s needed to maintain a safe and enjoyable venue.

Security Services

Your expert partner in security and compliance

Whether for a one-off event or an ongoing partnership, we take the time to understand your operation and tailor a security and compliance solution to suit.

Licensed Venue Security

One of our core services is partnering with clubs, pubs, hotels and events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and corporate functions. Whether for one-off projects or ongoing partnership, we tailor a package to suit you from security, concierge and crowd control to loss prevention and compliance.

Security Guards

We provide professional, reliable and skilled officers to secure your business or premises. We assess your precise needs and provide a cost-effective solution to match. Posted at your gate house, concierge or patrolling, we protect licensed venues, retail, commercial, industrial, public and private property.

Covid-19 Solutions

From screening patrons and crowd control, to entry/exit management and 24/7 security during lockdown, we can work with your business to help you stay compliant with changing rules, protect your people, manage your customers and navigate these rapidly changing times.

VIP & Executive Security

Our internationally-trained certified protection professionals (CPP) are highly skilled in discrete and reliable protection of VIPs, celebrities and executives. Tailored to your precise security needs, ongoing or short term, we offer full risk assessments, operational orders and contingency plans.

Concierge & Reception

As well as providing security, our professional concierge staff are there to enhance your brand and help your guests have a safe and enjoyable time. They offer a friendly greeting, assist with signing in, and are extensively trained on your services, facilities and policies so they can assist guests.

Commercial & Retail Security

Loss prevention measures minimise the stress and financial impact of theft, scams and fraud by customers or staff. We offer covert surveillance operatives, mystery shoppers (to identify perpetrators) and overt guards (to deter wrong-doers) and provide documentation and testimony fit for court.

Events & Crowd Control

Concerts, festivals, major events… we take the hassle out of event compliance and safety. Our tailored all-in-one services include risk assessment, crowd profiling, stanchions and barriers, entry/exit management, concierge, first aid, lost children, dealing with local authorities/regulations and more.

24/7 Asset Protection

When your regular team downs tools, we can protect building sites, roadworks, warehouses, car parks factories and commercial premises with after hours surveillance, access management, night patrols or permanent guards to prevent loitering, vandalism or theft of your valuable property or equipment.

RSA Marshalls

Our responsible service of alcohol (RSA) experts work with you discreetly to assess your compliance with liquor licensing laws, improve processes and train your staff to help you demonstrate a proactive culture of compliance so that your valuable licences are not compromised by lapses in knowledge.

Legislative Compliance

Trained specialists conduct overt and covert checks to ensure you comply with the Liquor Act 2007, Registered Clubs Act 1976, Security Industry Act 1997, Security Industry Regulations 2016 and Work Health & Safety Act 2011. With large fines and licence risks for breaches, our recommendations help keep you on side with authorities.

If you’d like a confidential discussion about your security or compliance needs,
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