AISM NetSafe - All-in-one cyber security for your home or business

The rise of online threats like hackers, identity theft and malicious content, combined with more connected devices like laptops, mobiles, POS terminals, printers, security cameras and even ‘smart’ speakers, means homes and small businesses have never been more vulnerable to cyber breaches.

The good news is that security just got much smarter, simpler and more affordable. In one intelligent box, AISM NetSafe delivers an all-in-one firewall, antivirus, content filter, access control and ad blocker solution to protect yourself, your loved ones and your privacy.

Simply plug it into your router, download the free app and let NetSafe’s intelligent algorithms scan, filter, block, protect and monitor all the traffic and activity across your network.

An affordable one-off investment with no subscription fees, AISM NetSafe offers world-class cyber security protection previously only accessible in expensive and complex enterprise solutions. 

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Small box. Powerful protection.

Forget manually programming your routers or tracking every device individually, now with a simple mobile app you can track, control and protect everything happening across your network in real time.

Set & Forget: NetSafe can be set up in just a few minutes. It comes with everything you need and needs no special technical skills.

Parental Controls: Keep your kids safe. See what they are doing online – games, social media or websites – and put limits on what they can access, and for how long.

Instant Overview: Dashboards on the app let you track everything – who’s online, what they access, how much data is used and potential vulnerabilities.

Command & Control: Whether by device or network wide, you can easily set access rules determined by time, location or specific websites.

Family Friendly: Turn on safe browsing to block unsuitable sites such as adults only, gambling and violence from an automatically updated blacklist.

Reclaim Focus Time: Whether for bedtime, tech-free family time or focused productivity at work, you can easily block all activity for set time periods.

Proactive Monitoring: Constant detection and blocking of malicious activity, viruses and vulnerabilities, with alerts to notify you of any threats.

Antivirus Protection: As it proactively scans for and blocks intruders, NetSafe takes care of your antivirus too so you can avoid those subscription fees.

Ad Blocker: Not only block annoying ads on desktop and mobile devices, but also prevent their tracking code from monitoring your browsing activity.

Secure Public Wi-Fi: Even when using public Wi-Fi in coffee shops or workspaces, the in-built virtual private network (VPN) secures your information at no cost.

Proven Globally: The technology powering NetSafe is used by thousands of homes and businesses in 100+ countries and keeps getting smarter and stronger. 

All-in-one package, one-off investment

AISM NetSafe comes with everything you need to get started in minutes – the box, the app and the intelligent security application. 

Once the box is plugged into your router, it taps into advanced cloud-based algorithms that are continuously updated, so you don’t need to update or subscribe to any software. The free easy-to-use app (Apple or Android) is all you need to monitor and control all devices connected to your network.

That’s why AISM NetSafe is the ultimate firewall for home and small business networks. 

Plug in powerful protection today

With its set and forget functionality, and intrusion detection and prevention, AISM NetSafe gives you peace of mind that you, your family and your business are safe online.

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