Facial recognition made smart, simple & affordable

Rapidly emerging advances in technology and challenges with privacy, safety regulations and now COVID-19 have fast made facial recognition an essential tool for businesses to protect and empower their people, customers and operations.

While artificial intelligence (AI) tools have traditionally been expensive, complex and out of reach for many smaller organisations, AISM Neuro ™ has disrupted the market with its world-leading facial recognition software, cameras and installation services perfect for Australian business owners.

Insights in all conditions

Powered by autonomous AI, AISM Neuro ™ needs only 50% of the face for accurate recognition, works in all light, is ethnicity neutral, matches historical images up to 30 years old, scans hours of footage in minutes, and works seamlessly with most existing surveillance cameras.

The result: It delivers enterprise-level AI capabilities to all businesses quickly, simply and affordably in a solution never available before.

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Versatile Applications

Crowded venues, dark environments, elevated camera angles or people with face masks, AISM Neuro ™ can identify, match and track faces with unequalled speed and accuracy.

Hotel & Resorts

Significantly improve VIP’s overall experience, enhance security and minimise check-in times.


Minimise stock loss, optimise staff levels and track foot traffic with intelligent tools.

Licensed Venues

Identify banned and self-excluded members, monitor social distancing, track capacity quotas and review incidents.

Responsible Gambling

Identify and assist problem gamblers or self excluded patrons for a safer venue.

Transport & Travel

Manage capacity, fare controls and persons of interest by adding AI to CCTV.

COVID-19 Protection

Identify people wearing masks, track temperatures and monitor capacity.

Forensic Investigations

Analyse hours of existing video in just minutes to find persons of interest.

Access Control

Track who is entering and leaving your building for security, safety and control.

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The AISM Neuro ™ difference

This groundbreaking technology combines autonomous artificial intelligence with advanced facial recognition to mimic, and better, the human brain’s ability to recognise faces. Backed by 250+ patents, it uses continual learning and rapid algorithms to match unique signatures of the human face.

Privacy & security is in our DNA. We capture a unique mathematical signature of faces, not the actual images, which can’t be recreated. The system also blurs the faces of people who don’t match the search parameters, and meets the highest privacy standards as set out by the UK GDPR. 

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