This watch is a powerful ally for domestic violence survivors

The facts are confronting. 1 in 3 Australian adult women have experienced physical violence. One woman per week on average is killed by her current or former partner1.

If you or your organisation offers domestic violence support services, the AISM Sentinel™ emergency communications watch is a proven tool to add to your response strategies to help protect, secure and empower survivors.

With AISM Sentinel domestic violence survivors are never alone.

Inside, the AISM Sentinel watch uses world-leading emergency communications and tracking technology. It features an in-built GPS tracker, two-way voice data and messaging, and connects directly to a real-time 24/7 monitoring centre. At any time, the wearer simply activates a discreet alert and we do the rest.

We’ll instantly know who you are, where you are and what help you need. There’s no need to dial or even talk if it’s difficult. With knowledge of your precise location and a live audio feed, highly-trained response staff will assess your situation and immediately dispatch the help you need – AISM security, police, ambulance or fire.

All-in-one emergency communications watch

By connecting wearers directly to professional help at any time of day or night, AISM Sentinel helps domestic violence survivors feel more in control and confident.

Knowing it is right there on their wrist whenever it is needed provides a real sense of safety and peace of mind.

Real-time help 24/7

Instantly connect to an accredited 24/7 monitoring centre with trained professionals ready to respond with the help and/or emergency services you need.

Discreet and automated

A quick touch of a button activates the alert, and even if you are unable to talk to us, or it’s unsafe to do so, we still hear exactly what’s happening to determine how we can help.

Precise location tracking

Simply by activating your watch, the in-built GPS supplies accurate details of your address and precise map location, even if you are moving, so we can get to you fast.

Two-way communications

AISM Sentinel is a fully-functioning watch, alarm and phone all in one. As needed you can talk with our response team as they guide you through the situation.

World-class technology

The AISM Sentinel is engineered with technology that has been protecting domestic violence survivors and helping bring justice to the perpetrators since 2015. The watch itself is built on Samsung’s Tizen platform with Knox security and 4G enabled for two-way voice, data and messaging. Plus, background audio is recorded and can be admissible as evidence in court.

Dimensions49 x 46 x 12.9mm
Water Resistance IP68 waterproof and dustproof Water resistant over 1.5m and 30min
Frequencies Supported* 4G LTE
Device CommunicationVoice / data / SMS

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If you’re a provider of domestic violence support services, we’d be happy to visit you and demonstrate how the AISM Sentinel™ watch can support and empower survivors with an extra layer of protection.

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