Workplace Investigations

Quality workplace investigations in Brisbane and Sydney

Offering professional workplace investigations in Brisbane and Sydney, our surveillance operations are professionally co-ordinated using lawful practices and state-of-the art covert equipment that adapts to any environment to record the subject’s activity.

Unlike other private investigators offering workplace investigations, we do not tell you we can obtain things that we simply cannot. Anyone offering information that seems to be too good to be true, is often undertaking illegal activities or will fail to deliver the results they promise.

We specialise in workplace investigations in Sydney and Brisbane. It is astounding the lengths some people will go to make fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. That is why many organisations seek our assistance to validate legitimate claims, determine responsible parties, and reduce financial loss as a result of sham claims.

At AISM, our services include the provision of solid documentation and supporting testimony suitable for court presentation in areas including:

  • Fraud & Worker’s Compensation
  • Injury Claims
  • Workplace Thefts
  • Infidelity
  • Verification of Whereabouts (employee / parolee)

If you need workplace investigations in Brisbane and Sydney that you can trust, contact AISM today.