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October 21, 2021

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AISM supports the Community as part of the Staying Home Leaving Violence Program

The Staying Home Leaving Violence program supports victims of domestic and family violence through promoting housing stability and focusing on preventing homelessness in victims.

The program helps women aged 18 years and older who have separated from a violent partner or family member and who choose to remain in their own home. It is based on intensive case work with key agencies such as NSW Police, courts, health services, Housing NSW and relevant non-government organisations

The program targets women who live in the project locations and choose to remain in the family home or another home of their choice. Women separated from a violent partner who continue to experience post-separation abuse are a priority target group. Their children are also supported by the program.

Exposure to domestic violence during and after separation has direct negative and potentially long-term impacts on women and their children. The period following separation from an abusive relationship can put victims at higher risk of violence.

Priority is also given to women who may have a higher-than-average rate of experiencing family or domestic violence or in groups where it may be difficult to access support. They include domestic and family violence victims:

  • from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background
  • affected by socio-economic disadvantage
  • from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • affected by social exclusion
  • who have a disability
  • who are caring for a child with a disability
  • aged 16 – 18 years for referrals only.

Security at clients’ homes is enhanced by SHLV via safety upgrades to their residences, safety planning and advice provided to clients.

AISM in partnership with Staying Home Leaving Violence Case Workers provide electronic security equipment and services across Sydney.

Two of the most significant safety elements provided to SHLV clients are the installation of security cameras and senor lights.

CCTV security cameras provide the dual benefit of providing both a sense of security for clients, who were able to see the outside their property, as well as providing vital evidence for police to be able to prove a breach had been made, where such evidence had previously been lacking and clients had felt powerless to have perpetrators charged.

  “They installed CCTV into my home, and this allowed me to have peace of mind that if he came back, I would have proof and appropriate action could be taken. No ‘he said, she said’ scenario.” SHLV client  

The aim of the Staying Home Leaving Violence program is to prevent you and your children becoming homeless or having to move away from your support system of family and friends, and the school and community where you live. Find out more about the Staying Home Leaving Violence program:

Domestic and family violence can include someone checking the websites you visit or using technology in other ways to control or harass you. Find out how to stay safe online:

AISM has protected Australians with world class security and legal support, including a suite of technological protection from video surveillance CCTV systems to facial recognition and cybersecurity.

To learn more about how we can assist, give us a call on 1300 988 997, email or visit 

Peter Mercouris
AISM Founder

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AISM supports the Community as part of the Staying Home Leaving Violence Program

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