Electronic protection of your business, people and data

When it comes to security, technology is a double-edged sword. It brings new protections as well as new vulnerabilities. From surveillance and artificial intelligence, to access control and cybersecurity, AISM have got you covered.

Combining our in-depth expertise in traditional security and investigations with the very latest hardware, software and technical solutions, AISM is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end electronic protection and control for you and your business.

Whether you simply need software to protect your IP network or a complete surveillance and security package for your warehouse, AISM has custom solutions across many applications:

  • COVID-19 protocols to confirm temperature, ID and registration before entry
  • Install a network of CCTV cameras to monitor your facility 24/7
  • AISM Neuro: Facial recognition on entryways to identify authorised staff or scan troublemakers
  • Perimeter controls combining cameras, license plate recognition, alarms and security codes
  • AISM NetSafe: Firewalls and cybersecurity programs to prevent hackers and protect your data
  • Intelligent routers to filter content on your network by age, permissions or IP address

Technology Solutions:

COVID-19 Screening Tools

Surveillance Cameras

Artificial Intelligence

Facial Recognition

Electronic Access Control

Perimeter Controls

Cyber Security

Remote Monitoring

Security Alarms & Alerts

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