VIP & Executive Security

VIP & Executive Security Services in Brisbane and Sydney

Our internationally trained team offers Executive Security Services and VIP security services and protection in Sydney and Brisbane for individuals, VIPs, entertainers and executives. Our customised service provides a full risk assessment, operational orders and contingency plans.

When you use AISM as your preferred VIP security or executive security provider, you can rest assured that our services will be discreet and reliable.

Our team is used to working with a range of celebrities and VIPs, so we understand the delicate nature of the job, while also ensuring we provide optimal safety control standards.

Whether we work with you on a project basis or engage in a longer-term arrangement, we can promise the highest standard of safety, reliability, discretion and accountability.

Call us at AISM today and experience the executive security services and VIP security services of Australia’s leading security agency in Sydney and Brisbane.